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Call for participation from Israel! AQB Artist-in-Residence Program in Budapest

The Hungarian capital’s rich cultural scene and the large AQB properties near the river Danube provide a unique setting to the residency programme. They create an atmosphere in which artists can concentrate on their own work, while they can also integrate into Hungary’s contemporary art scene.
Art Quarter Budapest’s artist-in-residence programme is a meeting point for international and local artists. Each participant lives and works separately in his/her apartment and studio, while co-operation is promoted by means of a well-organised programme and public spaces.
The artist-in-residence programme is established in co-operation with Videospace Budapest, a Hungarian art organisation with wide experience in contemporary art on international level.
What do they offer?
Studios at the AQB venues serve for living and working. The 25-75 m2 apartments are on five levels of an old factory building, with elevator and a bathroom on each floor. Besides free internet, participants of the programme can use the buildings and public spaces across the entire AQB complex.
They offer regular consultations and organised programmes to ensure contact with the capital’s art scene. They help obtain raw materials and equipment, and assist in establishing professional connections.
  • Weekly consultations with residency holders and the representatives of AQB
  • Assistence of AQB personnel trhough the entire duration of the programme
  • Tours of Budapest and the surrounding towns and places of interest
  • Frequent meetings and lectures with curators and art critics
  • Public lectures by the residents
  • Exhibitions in the AQB for each resident
  • Mediation in organising exhibitions and presentations in galleries and other institutions in Budapest
Application guidelines
Artists’ applications are welcome from all countries in the world, regardless of the medium they use (painting, sculpture, media art, installation, graphic arts, etc.). There is no age limit. A basic knowledge of English, open-mindedness and good communications skills are welcome.
The residency programme offers broad possibilities for artists at any stage of their career – for established artists as well as for those at the beginning of their career, and also for students. Co-operation among artists of various origins, backgrounds and interests can be an important source of inspiration. Groups will be formed with compatibility of interests taken into consideration.
AQB is open for AQB scholarship holders as well as for scholarship holders of other institutions.
AQB scholarship holders
In co-operation with sponsors, international foundations and cultural institutions, AQB offers a limited number of scholarships, covering all the costs of the residency.
Scholarship holders of other institutions
Residents are responsible for their own financial support. The costs of the residency are paid by the artist, or by means of other, individually obtained support. AQB assists in mediating among Hungarian art institutions and international foundations and other financial resources.
The scholarships include the housing costs of studio and apartment (incl. electricity, heating, water), as well as the cost of the professional assistance and organised programmes (excl. travel costs and catering)..
1, 3 or 6 months. Individual plans are possible. Application is continuous.
How to apply
Please send them
  • a CV,
  • a portfolio (documentation of your work)
  • and a plan of your activity during the programme.
Applications are accepted digitally, in a PDF-document. For large files and/or videos please provide a link to the relevant websites.
Contact person responsible for the project
Tamás Lóky
e-mail: loky@aqb.hu
phone: +36 30 435-667
web: http://www.aqb.hu/index_en.php

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