2016. január 13., szerda

Call for proposals for a Theater Lab for young theater directors

Dear Theatre Directors,

Please find below the letter of The Israeli Directors Union!


"INSTED-ISRAEL & BETY- is proud to invite you to participate in The Israeli Directors Union INSTED-ISRAEL 2016!

In 2012 INSTED ISRAEL organized its first Forum. The second time INSTED-ISRAEL became a Lab and took place in Oct. 2014. The third INSTED-ISRAEL Lab will take place between October 30th and November 3rd 2016.

The lab will be managed by INSTED members: Avivit Shaked and Jonathan Szwarc. INSTED-ISRAEL accepts only 24 directors (non-students). 12 young directors from around the world, and 12 young Israeli directors can attend the program. The program will offer all participants the Opportunity to meet, mingle, work, party and also visit Israel.

What is planned for the program?

·         Professional Workshops - a chance to get a glimpse of well-known Israeli director's

·         "Work in Progress" meeting (WIP) - A place to share your ideas, future plans or earlier

·         Young theatre directors' panel.

·         "Festival Information For All" meeting (FIFA).

The cost of the program is only €180 ($210)

The registration fee covers: performances' tickets, a trip in Israel, refreshments and organizational costs.

Accommodation: During the program you will be hosted by one of the Israeli directors. If you are interested in participating in this exclusive Lab- sign up now!

You can fill-in the registration form on our Website at: www.insted-israel.com

Applications will be accepted until February 29th, 2016!

We hope to meet you in Israel next October 2016!


Avivit Shaked and Jonathan Szwarc"


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