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New open call for the international residency program in Israel!

LowRes Jerusalem
"LowRes Jerusalem is part of the international residency program at the Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem. It offers a one-month residency in Jerusalem, with travel and accommodation fully funded. The resident will also receive a $1,000 dollars artist fee.

‪LowRes Jerusalem invites artists who explore social, political and economical conflicts to reflect upon their environment in a critical manner during their temporary residence in Jerusalem. The program’s name plays on the concept of “low-residency”, which describes short-term stays (usually associated with education programs), in connection to “low-resolution” as a description of image quality. “Low resolution” may also allude to a certain commitment: What might a low form of artistic conflict resolution in Jerusalem be, for that matter? ‬‬

It is tempting to think of artists participating in contemporary residency programs in the same terms in which Steyerl describes poor images, “dragged around the globe as commodities”, pressured towards site-specificity but often finding themselves reproducing variations on the same work The short stays on residencies usually do not allow for in-depth understanding of a foreign place, and yet the current socially- or politically-engaged artist seems to be expected to instantly become a superhero of sorts, helping communities in distress, or at least creating meaningful artistic commentary about them. In addition, the translation of subtle art processes engaging local communities are sometimes “lost in translation” when they need to be communicated to a wider audience, and turn into generic digital noise.

Within these contradictory conditions, LowRes Jerusalem invites artists who explore social, political and economical conflicts to reflect upon their environment in a critical manner during their temporary residence in Jerusalem.
We particularly encourage applications by artists from countries with little funding opportunities, but the residency is not in any way limited by nationality. We know that you are all transnational – if not in practice, then in your hearts.

Additional Details and How to Apply:

Application deadline: February 15th, 2016
Application through the online form which will be available on our website starting January 25th-
Results will be given by March 1st.

Available residency dates: There are two available residency slots, one in May 2016 and one in November 2016. The residents will be chosen by the artistic committee of the Art Cube Artists’ Studios. The artist who will be chosen first will be able to choose the preferred slot, and the second will be offered the alternative. Further applicants who were highly regarded by the committee may be offered residencies in the future.

In the online form you will be asked to add the the following materials:
1) Portfolio of up to 10 works, including an artist statement (PDF format, artist statement 500 words max)
2) Full CV
3) A proposal for a project in Jerusalem (800 words max)
4) Two contacts for references (Name and title, relation to your work and contact information)

We are looking for research-based projects: something that you would like to explore during your stay in Jerusalem. The project should include a form of public appearance, such as performances, interventions, lectures, workshops or community-based actions. It can be in any artistic medium. It should be a new project but can be based on adapting or reenacting previous works. We particularly encourage collaborations with different communities and groups in Jerusalem.

If you have any questions please write to: artiststudiosjlm@gmail.com"

Source: http://www.artiststudiosjlm.org/lowres-jerusalem.html

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